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Hi. Baba Ganesh, here.

Hi, my name is Hannah, and I am the author this food and travel bog, Baba Ganesh. In this exciting new adventure, I will be sharing my love of food (specifically of the vegetarian, vegan, and pescatarian diets) and all things related to food as well as making special recommendations for places as my partner and I move along our travels. I will also touch on other areas of interest like Ayurveda, yoga, and other topics that are directly related to food and our bodies as well as share some of my own favorite recipes and cooks.

A little about me, I am from the US Midwest (Wisconsin for those 'in the know'), but since 2019 I have lived in the Mexican Caribbean. For the last six and a half years, I have been a vegetarian/pescatarian mix. (Not sure what constitutes a vegetarian or pescatarian? Read "Down with the Lingo" and find out!) I am currently a yoga teacher and digital nomad on the island of Cozumel off the coast of the Mexican Caribbean. As this blog grows and as naturally occurs, I will share little bits of how and why I decided to adopt a meat-free lifestyle and how that decision has affected my health and my daily life.

Stay tuned to see what I get my hands on next!

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