Surya Chandra Yoga

When we are not leading yoga retreats, you can still find us on our yoga mats, either in the studio or in a private lesson.

Surya Chandra Yoga is about holding a safe, open space for connecting with the Self & others; encouraging self-growth; and integrating mind, body & spirit. Currently located in San Miguel on the beautiful island of Cozumel in the Mexican Caribbean, spend some time in the stillness of Paradise.

In the Studio

You can find us teaching a few different spots around the island: yoYoga Cozumel; Infinite Yoga Cozumel; and Hotel B Unique. During  these classes, we focus on stretching and strengthening the body; clearing the mind; and calming the breath. Various styles of yoga, meditation, and breathwork are woven together in a space open to all levels of practice and experience.


 Contact us for more details, and 'like' our Facebook and  Instagram pages for our schedule (updated weekly). 


Private Lessons

Private lessons are great if you have a busy schedule or would like to celebrate an event like a bachelorette party, a birthday, or group event.

Perhaps you're looking for something specific - private lessons are unique and created for each session, and we offer different styles of yoga and other channels of self-care and wellness. Schedule your time today!

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